Scott is available for various types of speaking engagements—from intimate, workshop-style gatherings to corporate retreats to keynote addresses. He brings a unique depth of human understanding and is expert at connecting to the energy and expectations of a given audience. 

Some of his most requested themes are the following:

Inspirational: Scott integrates his rich personal story and inspires his audience to consider possibilities for themselves and their lives they may have otherwise written off due to insecurities, doubts and fears. 

Motivational: Scott motivates team leaders, employees, creatives and healers by teaching them to engage with a different level of openness, vulnerability and courage, so that they are able to bring to their lives and work a greater sense of commitment, clarity and purpose.

Creative: Scott sees creativity as one of the most important—and stifled—gifts we have as humans. Drawing from his own creative successes and failures, Scott addresses the power of creativity, the ability within us all to access our creativity, and the unbelievably inviting world technology has offered for us to share our creative endeavors. 

Spiritual: Scott's spirituality is rooted in the belief that love is the most powerful force for effecting both personal and societal change. He is considered by many of his readers a relatable, spiritual guide, who's gifted at connecting divine energy with the everyday challenges of simply being human. A deep spirituality underlies much of Scott's writing, and he effortlessly weaves spiritual understanding into his talks. 

Personal: Our relationships, with ourselves and others, will always be the most important definers of our quality of life. With honesty and playfulness, Scott encourages audiences to ignite new energy and acceptance into their personal and interpersonal relationships.

Social Media: Scott reaches millions of people each week through his social media posts and his Facebook page has been named one of Facebook's most inspirational pages. He speaks to the power of positive social media and helps page administrators and aspiring social media influencers grow and expand their presence. 

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