When I think of New York, I think of food. Good food. Lots and lots of it. My partner and I were living in Brooklyn for a few years recently, happily eating our way through Greenpoint and Williamsburg, and I had the urge to write some short stories. I knew I wanted to write about people (most stories need people, right?), and I knew I wanted Brooklyn to be the setting. It might’ve been over a plate of truffle fries I realized I also wanted to write about food. Did I mention I love food? So I wrote some stories about all those things and called the collection brooklyn bites.

I had planned to write 16-20 stories total and put out a book with all of them, but I got distracted after writing the first six. Lost interest might be more accurate. But, I love these stories, and I loved working on them. And I really miss the food in Brooklyn.

The stories—two per volume—are available through Amazon.