And today, we grieve again.

And today, we grieve again, for Dallas, and for our nation. How many times can a heart break? The only solace I take in a tragedy like this is knowing our whole country cries together, that within all of the anger and blame and division, our humanity unites us against these acts, and, together, we grieve.

All I can think to do right now is pray.

I pray for the families and friends of Brent Thompson, as well as the four other officers who were killed in Dallas last night, whose names we still don’t know. I pray for the complete recovery of the seven other officers and two civilians who were injured in the shootings.

I pray for the families and friends of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

I pray for the families and friends of those who have died, in America and countries all over the world, due to violence at the hands of their fellow human beings.

I pray that the tragic events we’re experiencing, in our country and worldwide, will ultimately unite, rather than divide us, so they we may come together as one people, one family, one human race.

I pray for deeper peace, in each of us, so that violence and murder will no longer make itself known to the weakness of our minds.

I pray for deeper understanding, in each of us, so that we may disagree with one another without being hurtful and hateful in the way we communicate.

I pray for deeper empathy, in each of us, so that we may recognize our own pain in the pain of others and treat all of our brothers and sisters with compassion and respect.

I pray for the courage and clarity to look within, to examine the ways in which I might be contributing to separation rather than unity, and to realign myself with the intention of kindness, compassion and love.

I pray for all those whose hearts have been hardened and who see violence as an answer, that they will allow love to enter their beings and pull them from the call of violence to the call of peace.

I pray for all of us, who are hurting and afraid and confused, that we may center ourselves in the ever-present light within us and share that light as selflessly as possible.

I pray for our country, and for our planet, that together we create a world that reflects the best in humanity, that together we rise to the understanding that we are beings of love, and that love is our greatest hope for changing our reality, and for healing ourselves.

I love this community. You’re an important part of my life, and a continuous source of happiness, support and inspiration. I pray we never stop loving, ourselves and one another.

If you're moved to do so, please add your own prayer below.

In Love and Solidarity…