We need to stand up and raise our voices.

Some people on this planet will continue to use violence and murder as a way to leave their mark. If only Brussels were the first time this has happened. If only it would be the last. But no. From terrorists to cartels to psychopaths, those who hurt and kill their fellow human beings are a dark, ever-present part of the human story. They're not going anywhere. And though their impact is profound and painful, it's important to remember that they will always be in the minority. Those of us energized by kindness and compassion will forever comprise the majority.

I'm scared by the unpredictable, murderous reality of terrorism and war throughout our world. As well as the oppression of too many cultures to name, the horror of adult and child sex trafficking, the fact that we're killing our planet at a stunning pace, and this list of heartbreaking realities goes on and on. It all terrifies me, regularly. And saddens me, even more often.

A part of me wants to curl up in my bed, under the covers, and remove myself from any connection to our world, wants nothing to do with this sick planet and all these sick fuckers who think it's okay to hurt and kill. That part of me is shaky and angry and real, and it's rooted in fear. That part perks up when stricter borders and walls and separation and drone strikes are talked about. It gets curious, too afraid to see other options for safety and survival.

There's another part of me, however, and it's bigger than the fearful one. Much bigger. It's rooted in love. This part understands that the only choice to make when confronted with the world's violence and insanity is to commit myself even more deeply to peace, and to compassion, and to love. This part understands that violence has always and will always beget more violence. The same goes for separation, and hate, and oppression. The same goes for everything. When will we fucking learn this lesson?

The way for us to feel less fearful is to be more active — in refusing to allow our minds to turn to prejudice, in reminding ourselves and each other that the great majority of humanity is loving and good, in excusing ourselves from conversations and habits that only serve to foster our fears, in making as much noise as we can for the power of love and compassion and connection.

We can't hide out in fear when we can stand up and be warriors for love. And we can, all of us, stand up and make some fucking noise for love. We don't only serve our world by doing so, we serve ourselves. We serve everyone and everything.

Love is service. It's the hardest choice. It's the scariest commitment to make, because it requires us to ignore all of our fearful instincts, and they are many in this scary world.

Our world needs our love, mine and yours, now more than ever. Our world needs us to remember why we're here — to connect with and love ourselves and each other. To take care of one another. To be each other's family.

Thoughts and prayers are important, but they're not enough. We need to stand up and raise our voices, as loudly as we can, for the power of love. This commitment will help us with our fear. More than anything else could.

In solidarity...I love you.