We are worth our time.

February Happiness Challenge - Day 5

I'm in a bit of a cloud today, the grey kind that settles in your head and leaves everything feeling a bit off. A bit somber. BUT...I fulfilled my happiness commitment and did my hour of yoga this morning. Doing the yoga didn't change my mood. I came out of it as somber as I went into it. And in a way, that was a wonderful thing for me to experience—that, even when I'm feeling down, I can make choices that serve my well-being. Usually, I just mope around and inhale chips and ice-cream.

My commitment to yoga this month is a commitment to take care of myself, no matter what. That's what I did today. It's not about trying to force happiness when that's not what I'm feeling. It's about understanding that we can still make positive choices for ourselves, no matter what we're feeling. My mind may not have felt the benefits of the yoga today, but my body surely did.

There will always be obstacles in our pursuit of a happier life. Our minds will be the most difficult of these obstacles to transcend. Difficult, but not at all impossible. Whatever it is we're feeling, we will always benefit from making conscious choices that serve our happiness and well-being. We may not feel the benefits in the moment (though often, we absolutely will) but they are there, and they're building within us, shifting our foundation away from fear, toward deeper and deeper love. Toward freedom.

Whatever positive action you're taking for yourself each day this month, stick with it. No matter what you're thinking or feeling. You are worth the time you're taking to create for yourself a happier life. I'm honored and grateful to be doing this with you.