This _____ is not gonna _____ itself.

I'm working on a new book, and each day I come up with a lot of things to distract me from the work...from the writing. So I have this new statement I keep repeating to myself: Your book will not get written unless you write it.

Now that's obvious, of course. The only way the book I'm going to write will get written is if I write it. Duh. But for some reason, this reminder is working for me right now.

And it's the case with EVERYTHING we want to do—it's not gonna get done unless we do it. The yoga's not going to do itself. The new job's not going to find itself. The house is not going to clean itself. The meditation's not gonna om itself.

The _____ is not going to _____ itself. 
(I'm sure you can think of twenty or a thousand things to put in those blanks.)

We have to do the things we want to do, or they'll stay undone. Double Duh.

I want to write this book. I've written some chapters and I like what's coming through me. Yes, I'm terrified it's going to suck, and yes, I'm terrified I'll never finish it (because it sucks), but greater than both those terrors is my desire (at least I think it's greater) to write this book. As we've established, it won't get written otherwise.

The cool thing is, I'm the only one who can write this book. I'm the only one who can do my yoga. It's kind of empowering when you look at it that way. You're the only one who can do your whatever it is you keep putting off doing.

So let's all just start doing these things we want to do, or need to do. Let's quit putting them off, out of fear or insecurity or laziness or House of Cards marathons.

Let's start getting shit done. Then getting more shit done. Because we want to do it. And because we're the only ones who can.

You with me?