Happy New Year.

Friends...as we head into a new year, please remember that you are not your past. You are not all the labels others have given you or even the ones you've given yourself. As with each new moment, this new year offers you another chance at life, at living a life that is more aligned with the longings of your spirit.

Let this past year go. Breathe into what worked and consider doing more of the same moving forward. Breathe into what didn't work and forgive yourself and everyone else involved in those misjudgments. Learn from this past year, whatever you can, and then let it go. All of it.

Clear space for this new year, for a life transformed. Marvel at what an open mind and heart will invite into your life. Dance into a reality that only kindness and compassion can create.

Don't stop looking until your find your freedom.

And by all means, with everything you've got, love yourself madly through it all.

Happy New Year. 

I Love You.