Nothing to prove.

It’s important to be honest with ourselves about our choices, about the actions we take. Apathy is not the same thing as patience. Giving up is not the same thing as letting go. It’s extremely difficult to make the positive changes we need to make in our lives when we’re not willing to look at the real things holding us back. We have to stop lying to ourselves.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve made excuses for why I chose not to make a change I felt in my gut I needed to make. All the excuses did was push me farther away from making that change. My unwillingness to face my fears kept me oppressed by them.

If it’s fear that keeps you from moving forward, acknowledge it. Don’t pretend it’s timing or uncertainty or anything but what it is. When you recognize the root cause of your resistance, you can address it. Sometimes it really is timing, or this, or that. But if it is fear, and you acknowledge it as such and decide you’re too afraid to take a step forward in that moment, then okay. That’s human. That’s the truth. That’s the clarity that’s going to prepare you to be ready to take that step the next time it comes around. Or the time after that.

Though our egos work hard to convince us otherwise, we have nothing to prove to anyone. Not even ourselves. We can admit to being afraid when we’re afraid. And we can call upon our inner strength, and the wild authenticity that lives within us, to face those fears when they come up. To move through them, one by one, step by step, in whatever way feels the most true to us. In whatever way feels right.