I interrupt this flow to bring you...

Hey Friends,

I'm a big fan of NPR, especially KCRW in LA, but I typically dreaded their twice yearly fundraising drives. Not because I wasn't happy to contribute to the station (I was) but because the normal flow of their programming was interrupted continuously by calls for pledges and support. I just wanted them to get back to playing great music or talking about the solar system or something. But I got it. They were doing what they needed to do.

I bring this up because I'm feeling a little insecure/awkward about interrupting the flow I've created on this page with regular reminders about my Kickstarter campaign. I don't want it to get annoying. At the same time, I want to take what I'm doing seriously and give it my full effort. I've done a lot of things half-assed in my life. I get very excited about things in the beginning, and then my energy starts to wane, and then...well...on to the next thing. I've come to accept this about my personality, but in this case, I'm committed to seeing it through.

I'm trying to figure out the least obtrusive but still effective way of spreading the word about my campaign. I've been adding a little "check out my Kickstarter campaign..." line above many of the images I'm posting. It feels more like a gentle reminder than a knock on the head. More with the flow than against it. Please let me know if that's not the case. I welcome your input and value your opinions. Really, tell me what you think.

I had been thinking about doing Kickstarter for a bit, but it wasn't until I finished reading <a href="https://www.facebook.com/amandapalmer">Amanda Palmer</a>'s The Art of Asking that I made the decision to go for it. Still, asking for support is no easy feat, at least not for me. It's pushing many of my insecurity buttons. Am I creative enough? Am I worthy enough? Do I seem desperate? Who the hell do I think I am? The inner critic has been screaming, and I'm proud of myself for launching the campaign in the face of so much insecurity and fear. It feels good to practice what you preach.

And though I want to manage and market this campaign in the best way possible (that's what I tell myself), I have no idea what that even means. This is a new endeavor for me. I guess I want to do with it what I've been trying to do with this page, which is to be as straightforward and real as I can be about things.

I've been feeling for a bit now that I'm ready to reach beyond my Facebook page. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE this page, this community, and am committed to the work I'm doing here. 100%. But there's a world beyond Facebook (I know, crazy) and I'd like to venture into that world as well with this work. The book I'm planning - just love. - is my first step in that direction. And it feels great.

I also just want to say that it really means a lot to me if you decide to support my campaign—by sharing it, contributing to it, sending amazing vibes, etc.—but it's also totally cool with me if you don't. I feel the love from this community all the time and in amazing ways. My book would never be happening in the first place if it weren't for you all.

I believe in the work I do on this page, and I believe in the book I'm creating. Love is power, and it makes a difference. If there's one thing I can offer you from my experience with Kickstarter so far, it's to go for the things that matter to you. Let the fears and insecurities play out as they may, but don't let them stop you from doing the things that speak to your heart. It's far less painful to move through your fears than it is to reside in them.

Here's me moving through my fear right now, asking: Please check out my Kickstarter campaign when you have a chance, and if you can, help me make just love. a reality. 

With love, gratitude and solidarity,