Goodbye, Perfection. You're a pain in the ass.

Perfection doesn't exist. We're more likely to paralyze than propel our efforts in pursuit of perfection.

I know this, because I'm battling creative paralysis right now as I attempt to write the perfect introduction for "just love."

The perfect introduction doesn't exist. An honest introduction does. A personal introduction does. A love-filled introduction does. I'll work my butt off for these things, but not for perfection.

I hereby intend to release my desire to be perfect. Jump onboard this intention if you're inclined. I am not perfect and don't need to be. You are not perfect and don't need to be.

Goodbye perfection. Hello authenticity—you're a much better friend. You let me be me, without all that heavy, untouchable expectation.

In a nutshell: Perfection is bullshit. We're the real deal, as we are.


I love you.