Affirmations are silly?

I used to think affirmations were silly. That was before I started doing them. Funny how quickly we can judge things before even giving them a chance.

Affirmations are great. I am beautiful. I am kind. I am enough. With all the mind's defamations, we need something to counteract that noise. Meditation is great, too. If singing brings you joy, sing away. If dancing relaxes you, get your groove on.

Stand on your head and wiggle your feet to samba music if that gets you a little more excited to participate in this reality of ours. Make time and do those things that have you smiling, that quiet your mind, that remind you how good it can feel to be alive.

This is where the spiritual work has a good chance of being fun, too. Where we get a break from our darkness to play in our light, and to lose ourselves in joy.

Though happiness is a birthright, it is not handed to any of us. It can't be. Only I can give myself my happiness, just as only you can give yourself yours. But we have to feed it, we have to take care of our happiness. We have to create experiences each day that reflect our commitment to building a happier life.

So yes, this is the fun work, but it's still work. It takes clocking in each day, many times a day, and getting down to business. Your life is your most important job. A peaceful, loving, compassionate, happy life is within your reach—it will always be within your reach—but you've got to put in the hours.

Time to turn up the samba music…