A broken leg, just because.

I talked to my good friend today. He broke his leg doing a mud run and had to have a couple surgeries to fix it. People keep telling him that maybe it's Life's way of letting him know he needs to slow down. The old spiritual angle to things.

My friend's take: "Maybe I just broke my fuckin' leg and there's nothing more to it."

In my opinion, that's equally as wise.

I look for a sign in EVERYTHING, always searching for deeper meaning in the license plate of the car in front of me or the timing of a headache or the boomerang-shaped coffee stain on the placemat? Will I find life's answers in Australia?

Maybe there's a deeper meaning to everything, and maybe there isn't.

Sometimes shit just happens. Sucky shit, too. It doesn't necessarily mean we're not taking care of ourselves or it's karma or we could've done something to prevent it. Life comes with its share of shit, no matter what we do. How we deal with it is what makes the most difference. Can we look for the benefits with at least as much fervor as we do the negatives? Can we maintain a positive attitude through it all (or at least through some of it)?

We always have choices, even when we're getting pummeled by a shitstorm.

To be clear, when we take care of ourselves—our bodies, our minds, our attitudes, our everything—we do set ourselves up to have fewer sucky shit things happen to us. We invite more positive things into our lives. How we choose to live absolutely makes a difference in the life we attract.

But, even the zennest of the zen, the organic-est of the organic, the happiest of the happy, have shitty days. It's part of life.

My friend broke his leg. Whether he chooses to see the break as life's way of telling him to slow down or as simply a tough break (pun not intended, and then intended) doesn't really matter. Either way, he has to deal with an inconvenient and painful reality. And either way, he has the choice to approach it with as much acceptance and positivity (or resistance and negativity) as he will.

This is how we improve our lives, by improving our attitudes, by looking at the shitty stuff and moving forward anyway, with whatever positivity we can muster. Choice, choice, choice.

I'm happy to say—and perhaps it's just the pain medication after this latest surgery but I hope not—that he's okay with what's going on. It's a setback, and it's not what he'd like to be happening, but he's accepted it. He's pretty peaceful with this new reality. He's made his choice to be positive. Just like we all can, as often as we choose.

In love and solidarity...