100% Responsible.


We've got to take responsibility for our lives. Every aspect of them. Responsibility is a power we can't give up, not if we want to be whole, and free, and happy.

I know how to point fingers and blame and project and make everyone wrong but myself. This is a useless practice. There is so much healing that comes from acknowledging our place in things, especially our place in the creation of the life we're living.

We are where we are because of the choices we've made to get here. By acknowledging that, we give ourselves the power to make different choices, the power to change our lives into something that resembles more of what we desire, more of what lives in our dreams.

When we lose ourselves in blame, we give up our power. We present ourselves as helpless, as victims. We are not victims. I am not a victim. You are not a victim.

We are responsible for our lives. For our health, our happiness, our relationships, our growth. Everything. This is a beautiful gift, this responsibility. It means that no one or nothing has more power over the reality of our lives than we do.

Let's embrace this responsibility. Let's revel in it. Let's take to the streets with our arms raised and our smiles wide in the knowledge that we are the creators of whatever life we dare to create.

In love and solidarity...and 100% responsibility…