just love. is a compilation of the work I’ve been sharing on my Facebook page, as well as some writing never released before. I’ve paired my words with extraordinary photographs from all over the world to create a hardcover art book that will do any coffee table proud.

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page, I think you’ll love this book. It is my homage to love, to the way in which it serves each of us, and every situation, in wholly wonderful ways.

My deep hope is that you’ll find some inspiration in the pages of just love.—to love more deeply, to face your fears, to create new possibilities for your life, and to be yourself as only you can be.

I decided to write Iris after reading an article about a self-published author who was making millions from the sales of her paranormal romance novels. I wasn’t aware of self-publishing at that point but liked the prospect of making millions of dollars from writing (or any money at all). So I read a bunch of popular young adult novels and felt confident I could write something at least as good as some of them. Of course, I had never written a novel before and had no idea if I had it in my ADD-riddled head even to finish an entire one.

Aliens fascinate and terrify me, and so became the obvious paranormal element for my book. Add in a sixteen-year-old female protagonist who’s confronting tragedy while in the midst of a love triangle, and you’ve got a bestseller. Or so I thought.

Writing Iris was a blast. It poured out of me, and I’m proud of the book. I know it could be better, but I think there’s a lot that’s good about it. A lot of heart. Marketing the book, however, wasn’t quite the blast I thought it would be. It takes serious work to market a book on your own, especially if marketing isn’t your passion. It’s not mine.

Iris hasn’t sold many copies to date, and that’s cool. It’s gotten a great reception from those who’ve read it, and it’s out there for those who want it. It’s available in paperback and as an e-book through Amazon.

Sixteen-year-old Iris Capaldi led an entirely ordinary life before the accident. There were no make-out sessions with her best friend, Benji. No homicidal skinheads. No unexplainable flying creatures. And no ridiculously cute, teenaged aliens. Since the accident, however, the bizarre has become the ordinary. It’s an unusual day if she’s not kissing Jamen, her extraterrestrial classmate, arguing with her impulsive, dead mother, or almost dying herself.

Suspenseful, insightful and fun, Iris effortlessly blends love, loss and the paranormal in an unpredictable teen romance that will enthrall fans of The Hunger Games and Twilight, as well as anyone drawn to the endless possibilities of first love . . . no matter how extraordinary the circumstances.